At Garden Heights Recovery, we can provide the help that you need at a fraction of the cost of inpatient rehab. Our aim is the same as yours: to protect your early sobriety and to help you take the steps you need to build a fulfilling life on your terms.

From Residential Rehab to Garden Heights Recovery

What makes our outpatient addiction treatment center in Jersey City, New Jersey, so different is our approach. Other facilities target individuals suffering from addiction when they are in the midst of a crisis. And these kinds of facilities offer valuable services, like:

  • Detoxification as a tool for overcoming a physical addiction to a drug or alcohol
  • Traditional rehab, which takes about 30 days to complete from start to finish
  • Extended rehab, which allows for a 90-day residential stay at a care facility

These steps are, however, only the beginning of recovery. Once you have graduated from the rehabilitation program, you are faced with a unique set of challenges. And although all addiction treatment centers will claim to prepare you for life after rehab, there will always be stressors and triggers for which you were not prepared. This is why so many people struggling with addiction relapse in the period immediately following rehab.

And that’s where Garden Heights Recovery comes in. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals specializes in helping you transition into your new, healthier life. And in doing so, we can help you establish new routines and habits, and in this way avoid relapse. At Garden Heights Recovery, we pick up where other facilities stop.

What Stands Out About Garden Heights Recovery?

At Garden Heights, our most popular program is our intensive outpatient program in Jersey City, New Jersey. Because the period after inpatient treatment is the time relapse is most likely, it is imperative that you receive proper care then. Examples of structured approaches include:

  • Behavioral health program participation that assists you with fitting in and becoming a productive member of society
  • Life skills training as a tool for dealing with day-to-day challenges
  • Group therapy that focuses on the underlying causes of your addiction for successful interactions with family members
  • One-on-one treatment that emphasizes the importance of mindfulness training
  • Hands-on assistance with finding housing, employment, or continuing your education

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If you need a more structured approach to healing, we offer another type of outpatient rehab called a partial hospitalization program (PHP). This program is similar to our IOP, but the care that patients receive there is more comprehensive. In the PHP at Garden Heights, patients spend more structured time in our facility and interact more with staff members.

For many individuals struggling with addiction issues, it’s the ideal in-between step that comes between residential care and independent living. At our outpatient addiction treatment center in Jersey City, New Jersey, you will receive the highest level of care. While in treatment at Garden Heights, you may opt to live in a sober living facility. But if you are further down the road to recovery, you may choose to live at home with loved ones, or even independently. It all depends upon the severity of your condition, as well as on your comfort level and where you are in your personal journey.

What stands out about Garden Heights Recovery and its partial hospitalization is the aspect of fun. Far too few people realize that rehab isn’t drudgery. Instead, it’s fun to go out and be sober. That’s why our team will engage clients in weekly outings.

We’ll also encourage you to participate in activities at the facility itself. Doing so gives you the chance to build a strong support network from within the center that will complement the support you are receiving from family and friends outside the center. And a strong support network is key to long-lasting sobriety and to avoiding relapse.

Building Sober Habits That Last a Lifetime

Recovery is all about developing healthy habits. It differentiates your new lifestyle from the one you have worked so hard to leave behind. For some, this meant going to a residential rehab first. For others, it means enrolling directly in our partial hospitalization outpatient rehab program in Jersey City, New Jersey.

You will work with therapists who understand the struggles you face on a daily basis. Besides that, they recognize that you’ll have peer groups to deal with. Most importantly, they know that you will be dealing with a wide variety of stressors and triggers. And this is why our team focuses on practical solutions to the situations you face.

At Garden Heights’s outpatient addiction treatment center in Jersey City, New Jersey, each therapeutic intervention has direct applications in your daily life. Everything you will experience with us is aimed at helping you become and stay sober. Sobriety is possible. You just need to take the first step.

It’s Time to Learn More About Garden Heights Recovery

When you enquire about Garden Heights Recovery admissions procedures, you’ll be taking that necessary first step. Reach out today to our outpatient rehab center in Jersey City, New Jersey, no matter where you are on your sobriety journey. Find out today how our addiction treatment staff can help you on your journey. Reach out to us online or call us at 201.275.1163. You don’t have to go it alone.