teen girl reading to her parents in family therapy programIt would amaze some people to find out how many addiction sufferers will point towards family issues as the root cause of their addiction. Sometimes, there is fire where there’s smoke. Other times, the addiction sufferer is merely looking for somewhere convenient to place blame. Either way, family is always a part of the problem. Therefore, it makes sense that in some way, the family should also be part of the solution during addiction treatment therapies. That’s the premise behind a family therapy program for drug and alcohol addiction. Let’s address the importance of our Garden Heights Recovery family therapy program options in Jersey City, NJ.

The Importance of a Family Therapy Program

Like it or not, family members have some involvement in their loved one’s addiction. They might become victims of certain negative behaviors or take on the role of enablers. Sometimes, traumatic family events will prompt an addiction. With all of this in mind, it makes sense that any meaningful recovery is going to be better with the family involved in a family therapy program.

Remember, a family therapy option has to be beneficial for all parties. For the loved ones, there’s understanding and healing that needs prompting. For the client, it’s more about rebuilding relationships and creating a fundamental support mechanism. It happens time and again. A client leaves rehab without family support, and relapse becomes inevitable. If the client is going to succeed in recovery, they need the help of family and friends.

How Our Family Therapy Program Options Help

At Garden Heights Recovery, family therapy is always a big part of the treatment process. If family relationships are negative, things have to get better. If those relationships are intact, a family therapy program has the potential to educate family members about addiction and how to offer support.

The key to family therapy is getting family members to communicate. This communication is not always an easy process, primarily if bad blood exists. When communication is the problem, the target of therapy is clear: get family members talking again. The responsibility for doing this falls on the therapist. In our family therapy program options in Jersey City, NJ, therapists have a lot of latitude in how they handle families.

For the therapist, success with the process depends a lot on their gaining knowledge about family hierarchy. It’s a matter of who is running the family and who feels subservient. This part is usually where the communication falls apart. If the addiction client is higher up on the food chain, family members often resent the addictive behavior. If the addiction client is lower on the food chain, there’s a tendency for family members to become enablers. Both responses need addressing and fixing.

When the client is guilty of victimizing family members with their addictive behavior, there’s legitimate cause for hard feelings. Still, there has to be some level of forgiveness. In family therapy for addiction, a therapist will often discuss addiction as a disease. They’re not intending on justifying the client’s behavior, only attempting to explain why forgiveness makes sense. At the end of the day, the client is going to need family support.

Addressing Family Therapy Program Needs at Garden Heights Recovery

At all levels of treatment, our therapist will try to get cooperation from family members in a family therapy program. That even applies to our partial hospitalization program in Jersey City, NJ. No matter what, we encourage family members to participate in the treatment process and provide support after the client completes treatment. To help make the treatment process proceed smoothly, the following treatment options are available:

  • Outpatient and intensive outpatient options
  • Evidence-based therapy
  • Group and individual counseling
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Aftercare programs

As you navigate getting help for your addiction, we encourage you to include family in the process. In the long run, no one has a more significant vested interest in your health than your family members. Here’s what you can do. You can start by contacting our Garden Heights Recovery, NJ, staff members at [Direct]. From there, we will figure out how to use our outpatient-only family therapy program to give you the best chance of arresting your addiction for good.