The Benefits of a Strong Group Therapy Program

group therapy program participants comforting a group memberWhen it comes to recovery and beating addiction, few things are more valuable than a strong support network. If you surround yourself with the proper resources and skilled, caring personnel, then you increase your chances of success. However, it can be challenging to identify precisely how a group therapy program can come in handy. To help you better understand your problem and possible solutions, here is a breakdown of how Garden Heights Recovery’s addiction treatment therapies in NJ can help you.

The Power of an Outpatient Group Therapy Program

The road back from addiction is long and strenuous. However, it can be a lot easier if you undergo a treatment program which we tailored to your specific needs. A team of experts can adjust your level of care to ensure that you get the exact level of care you need. Between counseling alone and in groups, you can work at your own pace because arriving at your goal is more important than how long it takes to get there. A quality intensive outpatient program in Jersey City, NJ, can help you with that, fitting your schedule and needs rather than the other way around. With both day and evening options, we can accommodate your needs.

For when outpatient treatment alone isn’t enough, there are also intensive outpatient programs. These programs require a more significant time commitment on the part of the patient but can also be much more beneficial. More counseling, more contact with people in similar situations, and more time spent focusing on self-improvement can make a huge difference. At Garden Heights, we can help you take advantage of temporary federal financial assistance, food assistance, and housing programs.

Some of the services we provide via our intensive outpatient program include:

  • Temporary federal financial assistance
  • Food assistance programs
  • Social Security benefits
  • Housing programs
  • Aftercare group therapy

Partial Hospitalization and a Group Therapy Program Can Save Lives

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) allow you to get a high standard of care while still living in the comfort of your own home. There are a variety of benefits to this style of care, ranging from reducing healthcare costs to increased satisfaction and familiarity during a trying time. When dealing with a problem like addiction where patient mentality plays a significant factor, the more at ease the patient can feel, the better chance treatment has of working. Partial hospitalization is an excellent choice for patients that need more intensive and consistent care than OP/IOP can provide but aren’t ready for or comfortable with an inpatient solution.

At Garden Heights, we have a unique solution designed just for you. Your recovery comes first, so if living in your home and commuting to treatment is the ideal solution for you, we can help with that. Our group therapy program in Jersey City, NJ, is suitable for striking a balance between maximizing recovery and keeping discomfort to a minimum.

Why Our Group Therapy Program Can Help You

Our expert team of addiction recovery professionals has the experience needed to help you with your journey. With a trauma-informed curriculum and supplemental support programs, our strategy is to give you the tools you need to heal and stay healed. Once you complete treatment with us, you will not only have temporary physical relief, but the lessons and habits required to remain strong and prevent relapse.

You don’t have to let addiction take control of your life. If you’re willing to take the first step and reach out, we can help you the rest of the way with our outpatient group therapy program in Jersey City, NJ. Quality drug rehabilitation cannot only heal you today but keep you from falling back on bad habits in the future. Contact Garden Heights Recovery in New Jersey today at [Direct], and we’ll help you get where you need to go.