It’s challenging to overcome an addiction. Slipping into it happened so slowly that you didn’t even realize it. Most importantly, you fought it. Now, it’s time to consider substance abuse treatment programs that’ll make re-entry after outpatient treatment easier.

Part-Time Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Ease Re-Entry after Full-Time Care

doctor discussing substance abuse treatment programs with patientYou went to live at a facility for 30 to 90 days. During that time, you underwent a full-time care approach. Around the clock, you immersed yourself in the healing atmosphere. Now, you’ve graduated from the substance abuse treatment programs in Jersey City, N.J.

What comes next? Government authorities warn that it’s essential to begin dealing with challenges of re-entry. It’s not enough to graduate from a full-time treatment facility. The real problem starts now.

You return to your life. Most importantly, you deal with real-life issues. It’s essential to have help at this juncture. That’s why the subsequent substance abuse treatment programs in Jersey City, NJ, are imperative. At Garden Heights, therapists understand that returning home, finding work, and dealing with daily stressors isn’t easy.

Besides that, we recognize that daily recovery continues after full-time care. That’s why we offer a couple of different programs. A partial hospitalization program (PHP) delivers more structure. Because it’s an outpatient approach to care, it gives you plenty of freedom. Even so, you might spend some of your time at the facility for the best results.

The other option is an intensive outpatient program (IOP). The ideal step-down program empowers you to regain control of your life. It is less intense than the PHP option.

How Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Address Real-Life Triggers

At the heart of treatment are comprehensive behavioral health services. Almost all program participants at Garden Heights already spent a lot of time practicing for re-entry. However, you’re now dealing with the stressors and triggers in earnest.

You may suddenly realize that you’re not as ready as you had hoped. Besides that, you may find it difficult to fit back in. Having fun while sober is a new concept. That’s where Jersey City, NJ, addiction treatment programs come to the rescue.

Whereas before you dealt with theory, you now discuss actual events in therapy. Therapists will customize a care protocol to meet your needs. Options include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health problems such as anxiety or depression
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy that emphasizes the importance of developing workable coping skills
  • Dialectical behavior treatment, which helps you deal with intense emotions in situations you can’t change
  • Motivational interviewing as a tool for strengthening your resolve to remain drug-free
  • One-on-one talk therapy that gives you a chance to discuss specific circumstances with a therapist in private

Similarly, there are occasions when group therapy is a better option. Therefore, Garden Heights encourages you to meet with peers who are also in recovery. Because a therapist facilitates the meetings, they are productive and stay on track. This is a mix between a process and a support group.

How Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Can Prevent Relapse

You’ve returned home. There, you have plenty of memories of drug use. Maybe there are members of a peer group that you associate with this part of your life. Most importantly, you may have some idle time.

In the recent past, a rehab facility filled your time. Now, you have to find healthy ways of filling the schedule yourself. Furthermore, it’s up to you to make positive lifestyle choices. Are you up to the task?

If you waver even a little, it’s essential to work with Garden Heights therapists. Relapse doesn’t have to happen to you. Contact Garden Heights to speak with our caring therapists today by dialing [Direct] now.