doctor instructing patient on alcohol addiction treatment program in jersey city njAlcohol addiction can be subtle in ways outsiders could never imagine; when you are living as a high-functioning alcoholic, getting help without interrupting your life is crucial, but it feels impossible. So many rehabs push for residential treatment, and while it certainly can be one of the most effective forms of substance abuse treatment, there are other equally effective options, specifically intensive outpatient alcohol treatment. Our alcohol addiction treatment program in Jersey City, NJ, can accommodate anyone willing to put in the effort it takes to change. You can receive the therapy and resources you need to achieve sobriety without putting your life on pause.

To provide treatment to those who want to overcome alcohol dependency, we offer multiple treatment programs and services, including:

  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • Standard outpatient treatment and substance abuse counseling
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)
  • Temporary federal financial assistance

PHP Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Jersey City, NJ

In traditional inpatient rehab, people leave their homes and families for up to 90 days or longer to undergo alcohol detox and an alcohol addiction treatment program at a facility. While separating yourself from triggering environments can be extremely helpful, we understand that residential treatment isn’t for everybody.

You may put off getting help simply because you feel like inpatient is your only valid option. Imagine investing your time, money, and hope into an outpatient program that ultimately leads you right back to where you started. Staying trapped in addiction might seem more natural than the devastation of relapse.

Although many outpatient treatment programs are designed for a lower level of care, several options are just as effective as inpatient rehab without requiring you to move out of town. A partial hospitalization program (PHP) provides the safety of medical detox and alcohol withdrawal management while still allowing you to return home each day.

Is a PHP Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Effective?

Truthfully, the success rate of any alcohol addiction treatment program depends more on the individual’s commitment to sobriety than the therapy itself. Even someone who invests over $50,000 into treatment at a luxury facility can relapse if they haven’t entirely dedicated themselves to treatment.

Does this mean relapse doesn’t happen to committed people in recovery? Not at all. But the difference lies in their willingness to reach out and get the help they need to stay on the right path.

A PHP partial hospitalization program in Jersey City, NJ, can help treat individuals with moderate to severe alcohol use disorders. Our alcohol addiction treatment program in Jersey City, NJ, we prioritize personality over symptoms. We want to know you, hear your story and help you map out realistic goals for a sober future.

Our outpatient and intensive outpatient services put help in your hands. You won’t have to quit your job or leave your family to participate; all you have to do is show up with an open mind and willingness to take an active role in your recovery.

What Happens in an Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program?

The nature of addiction varies from person to person; even the individual factors that influence a person’s desire to use can range from mostly biological to strictly psychological. Because addiction is so personal, we believe that an individualized alcohol addiction treatment program is the cornerstone of long-term recovery and relapse prevention.

At Garden Heights, our Jersey City outpatient alcohol rehab services find their roots in behavioral therapy. Addressing the why of addiction is only part of the picture; we’re interested in discussing the “What next?” and putting the answer in your hands.

You will learn how to unpack your relationship with alcohol from all angles, gaining a clearer perspective on the role it plays in your mental health, self-esteem, and relationships. As you move through treatment, you’ll begin to see how addiction influences your behavior and develop new responses to replace them.

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