doctor showing patient options for cocaine addiction treatment programAt Garden Heights Recovery in Jersey City, NJ, we specialize in outpatient treatment for a variety of substance use disorders, and that includes a cocaine addiction treatment program. Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused illegal drugs, and many people who develop an addiction initially started using it recreationally. Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, our outpatient cocaine rehab can help end the cycle of addiction. We believe that every patient needs individualized substance abuse treatment to succeed, which is why our outpatient programs are flexible and easily integrated into their lives.

Our intensive outpatient and regular outpatient programs offer 24-hour support from a supportive staff of licensed substance abuse therapists and clinical directors. By working together, we can help our clients integrate change in real-time, avoiding the problematic challenge of readjustment faced by patients who attend a traditional inpatient rehab.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program in Jersey City, NJ

Garden Heights Recovery is a behavioral science rehab that believes that lifestyle change comes from modifying thoughts and connecting them with actions. Cocaine abuse makes people anxious, impulsive, and desperate.

Our program strives to help each client identify the ways addiction and cravings affect their actions, enabling them to become more conscious of how they behave in the face of substance abuse and develop healthier patterns.

The foundation of any effective addiction treatment lies in listening to the individual; we use a client-first approach that views you as the expert of your life and addiction. Although you may feel out of control, you know your struggles best. It’s our job to help you make the most sense out of your experiences and build a better future.

We do not believe that positive change happens by force; instead, cocaine treatment should be a professionally supported and assisted personal choice.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program Benefits

By enrolling in one of our NJ outpatient addiction treatment services, you can optimize your recovery by making healing and change a priority. Many inpatient programs tend to make change feel possible only within their walls; despite their best efforts, counselors only have so much reach in those settings.

Our clinicians work with you every day to help you make positive changes in your real environment. What you learn each session goes home with you. As you can structure a healthier, sober environment during treatment, you’re partaking in relapse prevention during your treatment.

We offer a wide range of approaches that help people confront their addiction from multiple perspectives. Treatment includes:

  • Weekly group therapy to provide support and develop healthy communication skills
  • Individual substance abuse counseling
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Day and evening program options to fit your schedule
  • Experienced counselors who provide drug-specific care
  • Outpatient cocaine addiction treatment program

The Garden Heights IOP intensive outpatient program in Jersey City, NJ, is similar to partial hospitalization programs. An IOP provides the structure and support you need to prioritize addiction recovery.

Our team believes in collaboration and personalized care; although everyone at Garden Heights wants to overcome addiction, no two people share the same experience. Your story and personal recovery goals matter to us. Creating a treatment plan that fits your schedule and preferences enables us to give you the level of comfort and compassion you need on your journey to sobriety.

Our outpatient programs offer flexible meetings during the day and evening, allowing you to keep living your life without delaying treatment. Additional treatment services we offer include:

  • Aftercare planning
  • Temporary federal financial aid assistance
  • Social Security Benefits assistance
  • Help to find employment
  • Weekly outings and entertainment to help you build a fun, active and sober life

Start Your Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program Today at Garden Heights

If you are ready to receive treatment for your cocaine addiction, we at Garden Heights in Jersey City are prepared to help. Contact us today at [Direct] to learn more about our outpatient-only cocaine treatment programs and how we can help you live a more mindful, sober life.