doctor asking patient questions before heroin addiction treatment program in njAfter 30+ years of battling the heroin problem in America, it’s become clear the country is not close to finding solutions. Educating America’s youth doesn’t seem to be working. When an increase in heroin overdose deaths doesn’t scare users into stopping, what’s remaining? It would appear the only viable line of defense is the presence of good heroin addiction treatment programs. For the addiction sufferers whose lives are at risk, there’s a constant need to make sure substance abuse treatment options are available. Below, we’ll discuss heroin addiction treatment and the services we offer at our heroin addiction treatment program in Jersey City, NJ.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs – What You Need to Know

If you think about it, the dangers of abusing heroin are not in question. The drug is a menace in the wrong hands. In the beginning, heroin offers a euphoria. Unfortunately, that euphoria often results in the constant pursuit of the next hit, and that leads to heroin addiction.

When a prospective client seeks help from our heroin addiction treatment program in Jersey City, NJ, we respond immediately. We want to help them find the road to recovery. While we provide our services on an outpatient basis only, it’s an approach that delivers results.

When necessary, we do offer a partial hospitalization program in Jersey City, NJ. We do this to make sure all our clients get a good start towards recovery. Once our PHP clients are stable, we have the flexibility to place them in a less restrictive outpatient program.

If you decide on an outpatient treatment option, you need to be ready to work on with your therapist every time you have an appointment. In the limited amount of time our therapists have to help, they need to learn the truth about your addiction. Without the truth, they can’t direct you to the right solutions. You’ll work with your therapist to understand the root causes of your addiction and the personal triggers that create your desire to self-medicate.

Preventing Relapses in a Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

Once you and your therapist have identified the driving force behind your addiction, the focus shifts to finding solutions. Most likely, you will need to greatly improve your coping and life skills during addiction treatment therapies in NJ. Whatever your triggers might be, you will likely encounter them in some form or another. It’s critical for those with addiction problems to have the necessary tools to avoid triggers and stop potential relapses. With a solid set of coping and life skills, you will have a fighting chance against relapse.

As the last line of defense against relapse, you will always have the option of availing yourself of aftercare programs. This can include additional outpatient counseling (post-treatment), 12-step programs, and sober living.

Trusting Garden Heights Recovery for Your Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

When administering treatment, we don’t use a lot of bells and whistles. They only serve to prolong the addiction treatment process and run up costs. Instead, we take a very basic approach to treatment. We may start you with partial hospitalization treatment to focus on detox. After this, we do everything with a focus on outpatient care only, which gives our clients an opportunity to stay in touch with their loved ones and responsibilities while getting treatment. At the same time, they get elite care from expert addiction treatment professionals.

We have many options to tailor to your needs, such as:

  • Standard outpatient care
  • Intensive outpatient care
  • Some partial hospitalization care
  • Flexible admission terms
  • Services for adults 25+

You cannot afford to let your heroin addiction dictate the direction of your life. Eventually, it’s going to cause you significant problems. If you contact the Garden Heights Recovery center in Jersey City, NJ, at [Direct], we believe we can make a big difference in your future. Through our outpatient-only recovery program, we can take you from a life of misery all the way to living the best days of your life.