A 30-day drug rehab program is typically regarded as the treatment standard for substance addiction. For the span of a month, an individual will either participate in a residential inpatient treatment program or an intensive outpatient treatment program. Treatment is usually tailored during individual therapy sessions; group sessions may involve activities that are beneficial for all attendees. Addiction treatment programs that are 30 days in length can provide a strong foundation on which to build lasting recovery. Many people, however, will require more ongoing support as they make the lifestyle changes needed to support their sobriety. 

Garden Heights Recovery features 30-day drug treatment programs near Manhattan as well as other treatment offerings designed for people who need ongoing therapy. If you are searching for 30-day addiction treatment programs in the Manhattan area, we invite you to discover our holistic treatment philosophy and recovery plans. We provide you with the tools, resources, and support needed to build your new drug-free life.

What Happens in a 30-Day Drug Treatment Program?

Each Manhattan rehab tends to do things a bit differently–some more differently than others. We feature an outpatient setting, so rather than reside with us, you would return home, to work, or class after your treatment sessions. Some Manhattan rehabs offer residential inpatient treatment programs. The first thing to happen when you visit Garden Heights Recovery is to participate in an evaluation. Our addiction specialists will need to discuss your addiction and if you have any other diagnoses that will affect your treatment. 

During this assessment period, we’ll discuss your drug use–not to be invasive, but to recommend treatments that are likely to be beneficial to you in particular. We’ll discuss our treatments in detail and describe our 30-day drug program so that you understand all that’s involved. Then, we can begin to focus on your recovery. 

What about Medical Detoxification?

Detox is an important first step in a person’s recovery journey. Since many people come to us after they’ve completed detox elsewhere, they may begin post-detox treatment. Some people are able to undergo clinically supervised detox at home, visiting rehab to check in with caregivers who will make sure the process is on track. Others may require residential inpatient medical detox where their health can be closely monitored. If you require an residential inpatient setting, we will refer you to a Manhattan facility that can meet your specific needs.

Medical detox is essential because it targets the physical dependency you have on the substance in question. Slowly and carefully, you are weaned from the drug. While this process can be difficult because of withdrawal symptoms, it’s also rewarding because with each passing hour, you become more free from the drug’s hold on your body. Moreover, caregivers can offer treatments and medications to greatly lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms such as intense cravings, nausea, and anxiety.

What Happens after Detox?

Detox is often a short process. On average, it takes about a week with withdrawal symptoms peaking at 24-48 hours after the start of the process. For some people, detox may last a bit longer, but symptoms lessen as time goes on. The bulk of 30-day treatment programs is devoted to addressing the psychological and behavioral dependencies of the addiction. Detox only targets the physical side, but it’s often the psychological triggers that cause relapse–and a renewed pattern of drug use.

Today’s rehabs in Manhattan as elsewhere in the country rely on therapy to help people manage their addiction, but what kind of therapy? There is a wide array of addiction treatments available today. No rehab offers them all. At Garden Heights Recovery, we rely on evidence-based treatments as well as some alternative treatments to create our holistic treatment programs. We also offer life skills and job skills training to help people if they need development in those areas. 

So, what do we do during those 30 days? One focus of our plan is individual counseling. This is where we can tailor therapy to your needs–to the context of your life. What’s at the root of your addiction? Why did you begin to use alcohol or drugs? What are your triggers? Some people identify a traumatic event as the genesis of their drug abuse problem. For others, it may be chronic stress. Still others may have simply developed an addiction to prescription drugs after a surgery. During counseling, we can identify how the addiction began, how and why it progressed, and what we must do to manage it effectively.

Group Therapy is another part of our 30-day drug treatment program. During these sessions, we discuss various issues related to addiction and recovery. We participate in activities, workshops, and some alternative treatments that complement our evidence-based therapies. In each type of treatment we offer, the overall goal is to help you understand your addiction and to develop the strategies you need to control it. This means learning to identify and manage the triggers of relapse, making beneficial lifestyle changes, and learning to identify support resources that can enhance recovery for the long term. 

Is 30 Days Enough to Achieve Recovery? 

Yes and no. For some–30 days is what it takes to break the cycle of addiction and move forward with recovery. For others, further therapy is essential. In fact, many people recovering from addiction participate in less intensive outpatient treatment plans or attend aftercare programs designed to support recovery. What’s right for you? We can discuss your progress as you move through the program. If you feel that you could benefit from additional treatment, we can recommend a plan for you. Returning to life after a 30-day program can be challenging. Life will still contain its triggers and temptations. Being able to rely on supportive therapy or group counseling sessions can help you keep your recovery on track as you practice your new strategies for staying sober.

Call Garden Heights Recovery at (201) 275-0181 if you’re looking for a high-quality, holistic 30-day drug treatment program in the Manhattan area. Recovery begins as soon as you enter our doors and begin addiction treatment.