Holistic substance addiction treatment might sound like a trendy solution to the problem addiction, but the most effective drug rehab facilities have long been focused on treatment for the body and mind of each client. In short, holistic refers to the whole body. In the context of addiction treatment, holistic treatment centers address a person’s mind, body, and even spirit in order to promote the recovery process. 

Garden Heights Recovery specializes in holistic drug treatment programs. If you’re searching for a Manhattan rehab that offers flexible programming complemented by both evidence-based and alternative therapies, you’ll want to learn more about our outpatient offerings. Some clinical settings that provide addiction treatment may focus too much on the physical aspect of addiction or they might not view the addiction through the lens of a person’s whole life and experience. Our therapists recognize how important it is to treat the entire person. If you ignore the mind or lifestyle behaviors, you’re not reducing the risk for relapse. We treat all of you because we believe that real, lasting recovery from drug addiction depends upon it.

Addiction: It’s Multifaceted

You’ve probably heard it said that addiction is a complex condition. It’s true; it is complicated. But it’s complex because it’s not something that just affects one aspect of your body or mind. It affects multiple aspects of your life. It involves a powerful physical dependency. You know how powerful the inner demands feel to use. You might feel compelled every day, multiple times a day to use or will suffer withdrawal symptoms like increased nervousness or headaches. 

Substance addiction also features profoundly strong psychological and behavioral dependencies. These dependencies must be treated or relapse is likely to be inevitable. If drinking or using drugs has been your chief coping method for dealing with stress, fear, or anger, detox isn’t going to help you in that sense. 

To address each aspect of your addiction, you need treatment that is multifaceted. At Garden Heights Recovery, we’ve found that holistic treatment is the answer. Our treatments ensure that nothing is overlooked when it comes to your life–your mental and physical health as well as some lifestyle needs. 

What Are the Chief Elements of a Holistic Treatment Program?

At Garden Heights Recovery, we’ve created holistic treatment programs that include evidence-based treatments like individual counseling and group therapy, some alternative treatments such as meditation, and even some life skills training to help people improve their workplace skills. Some Manhattan rehabs might emphasize one type of treatment philosophy over another, but it’s always helpful to look for a program that targets the mind, body, and spirit; those are the hallmarks of a holistic treatment paradigm.

Holistic Treatment Plans vs Other Addiction Treatments

There are thousands of addiction rehabs located all over the country. Even in Manhattan, you’ll have many different choices to consider when it comes to addiction therapy. What other plans are you likely to come across and why should you enroll in a holistic program instead of another type of plan? 

Some addiction treatment centers rely on treatment models that target the symptoms of addiction without actually getting into the root causes of the condition. They might be quick to recommend methadone maintenance but may neglect to help someone recovering from an opioid addiction cope with their negative emotions–not simply their cravings. This might work for some people as everyone’s road to recovery is different than someone else’s. However, with holistic treatment, you are more assured of getting help for the physical issues as well as the psychological ones.

In many areas of the country, faith-based treatment and aftercare programs continue to be popular. For example, Alcohol Anonymous is rooted in a faith-based model. Some groups rely on that faith element more than others. While some faith-based addiction treatment centers employ evidence-based therapies, others do not–and that can be problematic. Evidence-based treatments have a provable track record of success. That isn’t to say that faith-based and alternative therapies won’t work, but it’s important to research carefully to ascertain what that rehab’s methods are and what’s the success rate among clients? Moreover, in a place like Manhattan, every sort of faith can be found–and many people choose not to subscribe to a religion at all. Is the center associated with a particular religion–and how comfortable are you with that?

The Benefits of Holistic Treatment for Substance Addiction

With holistic treatment, you can be sure that all of you are getting some level of therapy. Over time, you may find that you respond to certain therapy sessions better than others. As you tailor your participation in outpatient therapy to suit your needs, you can choose what works best for you. 

Holistic Therapy will address your physical and psychological needs, but it will also target your spirit–but in a purely universal way. You can employ the strategies you learn and fit them into the context of your religion if you choose, but therapists do not promote any particular faith. Rather, they help you put faith in yourself and rely on your faith if you choose to. Through activities like meditation or restorative yoga, you can learn how mindfulness can restore your spirit and help you cope with everyday stressors. This will help you ward off relapse. So, while learning how to stretch may seem unconnected to your addiction, it’s not. It is a coping method that works for many who have achieved lasting recovery. 

Another important benefit to consider about holistic treatment plans is that they are highly individualized. As a human, a unique being, you aren’t a number or a statistic when you enter our treatment center. Your experience is unlike anyone else’s, so your recovery process is going to be unique too. Holistic treatment plans are more flexible than what you’ll find in some rehabs that are more rigid in their treatment offerings. We believe that treatment works best when it suits your needs–and your preferences.

Please call Garden Heights Recovery at (201) 275-0181 and let’s discuss how our holistic program can help you begin your recovery journey. The skills and strategies you learn with us will serve you for the rest of your life.