Today, people can find substance abuse and addiction treatment in a wide range of settings. While some addiction services like clinically supervised detox are available in Manhattan hospitals, they may not come with any amenities that can complement the recovery process. Addiction rehabs have proven to be the ideal place for people who are struggling with addiction to receive the care and help they need. Although each rehab is different, many of today’s best offer an array of amenities designed to foster the recovery journey. 

Garden Heights Recovery features outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization treatment plans. We also offer amenities that support these plans. When you consider entering an addiction center for treatment in the Manhattan area, you may wish to consider the amenities on offer along with the rehab’s treatment offerings. The following are some of the amenities that many rehabs offer today.

The Basics: Clean, Comfortable, Welcoming

Is a welcoming environment an amenity when it comes to addiction treatment? Actually, yes. Historically, especially those attached to hospitals, rehabs have been sterile environments that may be intimidating or off-putting to some people. A setting that’s clean, outfitted with comfortable furnishings and includes pleasant decor and plants can greatly enhance your rehab experience. For instance, at Garden Heights Recovery, we want you to feel comfortable and safe so you can focus on your recovery goals. An austere setting isn’t always conducive to the comfort people need from a rehab. We’ve found that when people are comfortable and more relaxed, they have an easier time opening up about their addiction experiences, and that allows us to speak openly and build trust. 

Getting There: Transportation Services

Transportation may not be an amenity that people interested in inpatient rehabs look for, but it’s definitely important for individuals who are considering an outpatient program. Garden Heights Recovery offers transportation assistance to people so they can attend their therapy, group sessions, or other on-site activities. With rehab shuttle service to and from your home, you don’t have to worry about lining up a taxi or lift service for each session. When you select a rehab, be sure to look for this amenity if you don’t drive or prefer not to. 

Exercise Opportunities

Many addiction rehabs like Garden Heights Recovery emphasize the importance of exercise as part of their holistic focus on recovery. Exercise is definitely important for overall health, but it is particularly important for people who are recovering from an addiction. Here’s why. If you’ve been taking powerfully addictive drugs, these substances have been causing a surge in feel-good endorphins–an abnormally high surge. That’s why you feel the high induced by the drug. But these surges can lead to a burnout of your brain’s reward center. 

Exercise, on the other hand, causes a natural, non-chemical surge in these feel-good endorphins. You may have heard the phrase ‘runner’s high’ as it refers to this event. No–it’s certainly nothing like a heroin or cocaine high, but it does promote a feeling of wellness and healing. As you begin to naturally promote the release of these endorphins through enjoyable activities like running or yoga, you can help get your brain’s natural processes back on track. 

Remember, too, that exercise can help you practice skills such as mindfulness. Being mindful and living in the moment can help you ward away triggers like negative emotions that are frequently the drivers of relapse. If you live close by, the simple act of walking to your therapy session can actually support your rehab journey. 


People who plan to enroll in an inpatient treatment program are often concerned about the food they’ll be eating. Many people have food allergies or are on special diets. Others simply want access to delicious, high-quality food while they’re recovering. That’s why many of today’s inpatient treatment centers have moved to chef-prepared meals for residents. Garden Heights Recovery is an outpatient treatment center, so food isn’t an amenity that we offer. However, we do educate people about how food can promote wellness. We also feature group sessions and for special events, we may enjoy take-out together as we celebrate milestones and enjoy on-site activities. 

Life and Job Skills

The therapists and counselors at Garden Heights Recovery are always emphasizing the importance of holistic treatment for addiction. We have seen first hand that successfully managing addiction is also about managing your life and lifestyle. How can you minimize triggers like anxiety or depression when you’re struggling to find work? That’s why we feature a strong educational component in our plans. We view this as an amenity because it enhances our clients’ recovery experience. 

We know that when people build their job skills, they feel more confident and empowered. Those positive feelings help them maintain their sobriety goals too. Our education offerings also relate to other aspects of people’s lives. For instance, dealing with a negative relationship may not directly relate to dependency in a clinical sense, but the reality is that relationships can be powerful triggers for relapse. So, we focus on helping you identify problematic social situations and relationships. We help you develop strategies that work in real-life situations as you’re dealing with the common triggers for relapse.

Recreational or Meditation Lounge

Many people in rehab don’t want to be confined in a treatment room. A recreational or meditation lounge can be a therapeutic amenity that makes the rehab experience better–more comfortable. People do a lot of thinking in rehab, and we believe they need a space that nurtures that kind of deep thinking. When attending one of our Manhattan recovery programs, you may want to spend time in our meditation lounge, just contemplating your treatment session. Addiction treatment is a life-changing event–a positive life change, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its fears and apprehensions. Having a place to work through those fears and worries is so beneficial to individuals. 

Please call Garden Heights Recovery if you have an addiction to alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs. We want to help you make the life changes you need to protect your health and well-being. Call us at (201) 275-0181 to enroll in one of our holistic treatment plans today.