Rehabs for addiction treatment centers are often the first step in a person’s recovery from substance addiction. Yet, many people with addictions are hesitant to take that first all-important step to enter rehab. It’s helpful to remember that repeated drug use changes the chemistry of the brain, particularly areas of the brain that support our ability to exert self control. Addiction is not a choice, but choosing to enter treatment can change your life–and health–for the better. Understanding what happens in a drug and alcohol rehab center may make you less hesitant to ask for the help you need. At Garden Heights Recovery, we feature intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization treatments plans designed to help you live life without alcohol or drugs. We feature a caring, welcoming environment in the Manhattan area and are dedicated to assisting you on your recovery journey each step of the way.

What Is Rehab?

While each rehab facility is different and may offer a different course of treatments and services, these are places that specialize in addiction medicine and therapies designed to support recovery. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug and alcohol rehabs typically provide a combination of medical treatments and psychological care and isolation from drugs and alcohol. Today’s addiction treatment centers often include an educational focus, helping people understand what substance addiction is, how it happened to them, and what is the best way to manage it. Rehabs also feature a strong focus on relapse prevention so that individuals learn strategies to stay sober long after they depart from the treatment program.

Consultation and Evaluation

At Garden Heights Recovery, we welcome phone calls and are happy to answer your questions about our rehab and treatment programs. We also invite you to visit for an in-person consultation and evaluation. Getting to know you and discussing your abuse problem or addiction allows us to recommend the ideal treatment plans for you. As much as possible, we customize treatment to suit your needs and preferences. 

During your evaluation, we’ll ask you questions such as how long you’ve been abusing the drug in question and whether you’ve visited a rehab facility before. We’ll also ask questions about your mental and physical health. For instance, if you have been diagnosed with a mood disorder like anxiety or depression in the past, we can provide integrated treatments that address your co-occurring disorders. We never want to seem invasive. Our questions and evaluation process is designed to help us provide you with the tailored treatment you need and deserve. 


Some rehabs offer residential inpatient therapy or residential and outpatient addiction treatments. Garden Heights Recovery features outpatient and highly structured partial hospitalization treatment plans that are often ideal for people who have completed a residential inpatient addiction treatment plan. Depending on the nature of your addiction, you may be able to undergo detox on an outpatient basis or we may refer you to a rehab that offers inpatient clinically supervised detox. 

Detox is important because it addresses the physical dependency associated with addiction. It’s not pleasant because it involves withdrawal symptoms, but those symptoms can be alleviated with medications and treatments available from your rehab. If you have already completed medical detox, you may begin your personalized treatment plan that is geared to target the psychological and behavioral aspects of your addiction. 

Addiction Treatments and Therapies

After assessing your health and addiction, we’ll recommend a treatment plan. At Garden Heights Recovery, we rely on the motivational interviewing technique complemented by other therapies and activities geared to promote recovery. We understand that no two recovery journeys are bound to be alike, but we’re eager to walk along with you as you experience yours. 

Our rehab features comprehensive behavioral health treatments, which is why we are able to provide treatment for people who have a dual diagnosis–substance addiction accompanied by another mental health condition such as depression or post traumatic stress disorder. During our client-centered care programs, you’ll learn strategies for coping with triggers–those powerful urges that leave you feeling strongly compelled to use. We’ll help you develop methods for identifying early symptoms of relapse and how you can prevent yourself from using alcohol or drugs and derailing your recovery journey. 

We Treat All of You–Not Just Your Addiction

Some of today’s rehabs still have a narrow focus on the addiction itself. Garden Heights Recovery’s addiction specialists, however, prefer to take a holistic approach to treatment. We help you develop life skills and strategies for warding off relapse that fit within the context of your life. Some people have a supportive home environment. Others do not. So, different strategies may be needed to address each person’s individual circumstances. 

It often happens that people are pleasantly surprised when they enter our rehab facility. They were expecting a more sterile and less friendly environment, perhaps. We certainly focus on addiction therapy, but we also feature a wide range of enjoyable activities that foster mindfulness, healthy living, and fun. People often talk about the ups and downs involved in addiction recovery. We try to remind you about the ups and show you that contentment and fun are possible with sober living.

As with many rehabs in and around Manhattan, we feature a team of therapists, counselors, case managers, and support staff who are dedicated to the well-being of every person in our care. We take time to learn your story because it helps us understand why you turned to alcohol or drugs. We can then address the root cause of your condition and provide treatments that are most meaningful to you. We can also help you find healthy lifestyle activities in Manhattan where you can practice managing your triggers and maintaining your recovery journey.

At Garden Heights Recovery, we do rehab a little differently because it’s personal to us. You are not your addiction; you’re a person we get to know and care for. We will help you build a strong foundation for life-long recovery. Our relationship with you doesn’t just stop when you complete a program. We offer support programs that you can enroll in when you need them. If you’re feeling challenged a year or more after you attended treatment, come back. Again, your recovery journey is unique and some people need to revisit treatment–and that’s okay. 

Contact Garden Heights Recovery at (201) 275-0181 and let’s begin the process of helping you get well. We know that recovery begins the moment you ask for our help.