Addiction is a fast-moving disease, one that takes control of your life and does not let go until you get the help you need. In New Jersey, that help takes place at Garden Heights by Niznik Behavioral Health. At Garden Heights, you receive support and guidance in IOP and outpatient addiction treatment programs that prepare you for long term recovery and help you live your best life.

Addiction treatment programs never provide a quick fix for your substance abuse problems. But through real work and focus on your program, you can stop the chaos of your addiction. Along this journey, your supportive treatment counselors provide the guidance and experience you need to fulfill your dreams.

Addiction Treatment Programs of Garden Heights

Garden Heights Recovery focuses on several critical types of addiction treatment programs. These include partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and outpatient (OP) rehab. Through evidence-based therapies and individualized treatment plans, you receive the specific IOP or OP treatment you need. Your personalized plan includes:

  • Individual counseling
  • Addiction education
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Education and employment support
  • Transportation assistance

While attending your addiction treatment programs in Jersey City, New Jersey, you continue maintaining your home, school, and work responsibilities. This means you do not have to put your life, education, or career on hold to stop abusing drugs or alcohol. In fact, through Garden Heights’ assistance and program structure, you receive treatment that fits your schedule. Jersey City addiction treatment programs help you achieve your goals while providing the tools you need for long term recovery.

man smiles outside after enrolling in addiction treatment programs

About Intensive Outpatient Programs

IOP addiction treatment programs in Jersey City, New Jersey, take place after your inpatient rehab or as a standalone treatment. Which approach suits your needs best depends on your level of addiction and other factors. As a transitional program or when you have good support in your home environment, an IOP program offers the structure and guidance you need for positive growth and healing.

For IOP addiction treatment programs in Jersey City, New Jersey, you attend several days of treatment each week. The rest of your week centers on maintaining your sobriety and practicing new skills while attending to school, work, or family responsibilities.

During IOP treatment, you also receive support for your transition into a sober life. These supportive programs connect you to resources in your community, including:

  • Housing programs
  • Social security benefits
  • Food assistance programs
  • Temporary federal assistance

OP Addiction Treatment Programs in Jersey City, New Jersey

As you progress in your recovery, you need less and less support. But this does not mean you should ever be without guidance, resources, or support when you need it. Outpatient programs at Garden Heights Recovery bridge the gap between more comprehensive treatment and your substance-free life of independence.

In outpatient addiction treatment programs in Jersey City, New Jersey, you live at home while attending weekly group sessions and as-needed individual counseling programs. You practice mindfulness and other skills learned in rehab as part of each day. But through day and evening treatment scheduling options, you maintain a connection to supportive people and help for overcoming your recovery hurdles.

Outpatient programs provide a real-world experience without forcing independence too early in your recovery. You do not feel dropped by your treatment program or peers. In many ways, your OP addiction treatment programs provide proving grounds for testing all you learned about addiction in rehab.

Can Garden Heights Recovery Help Me Overcome My Addiction?

Garden Heights Recovery helps each person individually. This personalized treatment starts with learning about your life struggles and addictions. Through understanding, your treatment professionals shape your program and help you as you best receive that help.

No one should sacrifice their hopes and dreams to addiction. Through the right addiction treatment programs, you get your life back on track after substance abuse and shape a new future in recovery. Call Garden Heights Recovery now at 201.275.1163 to learn more about available programs and the services designed to make your recovery journey complete.