Whatever the circumstances surrounding your addiction, you need a clean break to get better. But once you have made that break and the substances are physically out of your system, your recovery has only just begun. One of the most important tools, as you reenter your daily routines, is an outpatient treatment program like the one at Garden Heights Recovery. An outpatient treatment program bridges the gap between a residential treatment center and reintegration into a new routine in the outside world. The aim is to allow you to manage your addictive impulses as you navigate your new life in the outside world.

At Garden Heights Recovery, we offer comprehensive outpatient treatment for drug abuse and alcoholism. We make sure that you learn skills and solutions for integrating recovery into your everyday life.

What is an Outpatient Treatment Program?

Typically, an outpatient treatment program lets a person live at home and participate in treatment. It’s a step down in the continuum from a program like the intensive outpatient program. In most cases, the sessions you will attend will be scheduled around your other responsibilities. This means that you will be able to maintain your job and your connection with your family and friends while you continue your recovery efforts.

In the early stages of outpatient care, you may need to attend daily sessions. As your progress continues, the frequency of these sessions naturally decreases. For example, you may only need therapy once or twice per week.

The duration of the Garden Heights Recovery outpatient rehab in Jersey City, New Jersey, is usually 1-3 months. For many, this is the most vulnerable time for relapsing. The actual time depends on how you progress as the recovery process continues. Your physical health and mental stability during this stage play crucial roles in how long treatment continues.

Weekly sessions involve outpatient care, such as:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Nutrition coaching

Our outpatient rehab in Jersey City, New Jersey, does not require monitored resident treatment. In this sense, it is ideal for someone who has completed the first steps in recovery and now needs to work on reintegrating into everyday routines and continuing to establish healthy habits. Naturally, this means choosing a living situation that does not encourage drug or alcohol use. And because this transition is always a difficult one, it demands a high degree of dedication. But of course, commitment and the desire to succeed are crucial to every step of the recovery process. This is where the guidance and support of the addiction treatment staff enter the picture, empowering and supporting you as to live in recovery at home.

man smiles with backpack on while hiking during his outpatient treatment program

Ideal Characteristics of an Outpatient Treatment Program

An excellent outpatient treatment program should be grounded in the most recent advances in psychology and pharmacology. Increasingly, effective and efficient addiction remedies can occur in an outpatient setting. And this is the underlying philosophy of our outpatient treatment program in Jersey City, New Jersey.

A quality outpatient treatment program has distinguishing characteristics such as:

  • Professional, experienced staff
  • Accessibility of care
  • Positive staff/client relationship
  • Continuity of care
  • Reasonably priced treatment services
  • Insurance reimbursement procedures┬áthat are accessible and easy to understand

Benefits of an Outpatient Treatment Program

There are many benefits when a person enrolls in an outpatient treatment program in Jersey City, New Jersey. One of the most important is that you can keep your job or stay in school while getting the care you need.

Living at home while in recovery can bring with it huge benefits. As a parent, spending time with your children can help with rehabilitation. And rebuilding family and social relationships has several measurable positive effects on recovery. Building a strong support network is one of the keys to lasting recovery, and that is simply easier to do when living outside of a facility. By working on your sobriety on your own schedule and then living away from the outpatient treatment program in Jersey City, New Jersey, you can put what you learn in rehab into practice immediately. And this can do more than just help you stay sober. It can make you a better friend, parent, colleague, and employee.

Affordability is another benefit. Our outpatient treatment program Jersey City, New Jersey, delivers the same standard of care as an inpatient facility. However, outpatient treatment is far less expensive.

Continue Your Journey at Garden Heights Recovery

One of the most enduring myths about addiction is that it is not a disease, but a matter of simple will power. However, the medical establishment has long understood that substance abuse is a disease. And your individualized treatment plan at Garden Heights Recover will reflect this belief, which permeates everything we do. By using evidence-based and client-centered programs, we address the full scope of issues surrounding addiction. We hold ourselves to a very high standard, which is what makes Garden Heights the premier recovery center of its kind in the region.

Do not continue battling addiction on your own. Let us show you the dignity and respect you deserve while you get better. Learn more about our flexible admissions process by calling 201.275.1163 today. Your journey to sobriety starts now.