When people search for addiction treatment, there are several levels of care to consider. The goal, of course, is to find a program that fits not only your budget but also your needs. At Garden Heights Recovery, we can provide the support that you need at a fraction of the cost of inpatient rehab. One program that has a lot to offer is our partial hospitalization program in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Why Are There So Many Levels of Rehab?

Before reviewing the benefits of a partial hospitalization program in Jersey City, New Jersey, let’s answer a common question. Many people wonder why there are so many levels of rehab care. While it might seem odd, there are a number of good reasons.

One is that not everyone has the same budget to spend on rehab. For example, some people don’t have insurance or don’t have coverage for certain services. In such cases, they have to pay for treatment out of pocket. Because of that, an expensive program like a residential inpatient rehab isn’t always an option.

Another reason is that people have different needs when it comes to recovery. The level of treatment that they require varies depending upon several factors, including the severity of their addiction. For that reason, there are multiple types of outpatient treatment programs too. The purpose is to offer programs, such as a partial hospitalization program, that address the clients’ individual needs.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Before looking for a PHP, you should know what a partial hospitalization program entails. In short, it’s a level of care that allows people to continue living at home while you receive treatment. Sometimes, you might live in a homelike setting, such as a halfway house or sober house.

Regarding the intensity of care, however, a PHP falls in between an inpatient and an intensive outpatient program. This means that it offers the most structured and comprehensive level of care of the non-residential options. Our PHP in Jersey City, New Jersey, provides all of the clinical benefits that inpatient rehab offers. The only real difference is that the people we serve do not live in the facility. And at the same time, a PHP offers the real-life experience and focus on life skills that are often associated with an IOP.

woman smiles in the sun outside her partial hospitalization program

Benefits of Our PHP in Jersey City, New Jersey

To understand why many people seek a partial hospitalization program, it is worth taking a look at the benefits. First, and most importantly, the level of care at our partial hospitalization program in Jersey City, New Jersey, is essentially the same as you will find in a traditional residential rehab facility. This means that we can offer the same therapies and services, including both holistic and traditional treatment programs.

A related benefit is the cost. As we have noted, a PHP provides the same level of care that you would find at a residential inpatient program. But because you are not living at the center, the cost is significantly less.

Another benefit of a partial hospitalization program is also a result of the fact that you will not be living at the rehab center. This makes it ideal for people who need the structure of inpatient rehab, but who also benefit from returning home at the end of the day. Indeed, not living at the center allows you to build strong social networks outside of rehab, which is an essential part of recovery.

Allow Garden Heights Recovery to Help You

Are you in need of a partial hospitalization program? If so, consider getting help at Garden Heights Recovery.

As a partial hospitalization program in Jersey City, New Jersey, we put our clients’ needs first. And in addition to our PHP, Garden Heights Recovery offers all a broad range of levels of care. Among these are:

  • Intensive outpatient rehab
  • Standard outpatient rehab
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Fight back against your addiction and regain control of your life. Find out if our partial hospitalization program is the right fit for your needs. Contact Garden Heights Recovery today at 201.275.1163.