Residential 30-Day Drug Rehab Near Me

If you are seeking to break free from addiction, consider staying at a drug rehab center where you will receive all-inclusive, 24/7 care in a safe, structured environment. Garden Heights Recovery has multiple drug rehab options with various program lengths, and some of the treatments that you can receive at the rehab center might include:

  • Medically supervised detox process
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family counseling
  • Support group participation
  • Aftercare services

A 30-day drug rehab program begins with a full physical and psychological examination and assessment. Once the assessment is made, a treatment plan is created that addresses your specific needs. Problems that can be treated include:

  • The physical and mental aspects of drug addiction
  • Co-occurring mental disorders
  • Social, family, and other problems affecting the patient

After the treatment plan has been created, you will receive a medically supervised detox1 to safely remove the drugs from your body. You will be monitored during and after the detox by our medical staff, and medication can be administered to address drug withdrawal symptoms.

Depending on the specific type of drugs that were being used, drug withdrawal symptoms will vary. The important thing is that you will be kept stable and safe throughout the detox process by treating the various withdrawal symptoms through medications, therapies, etc.

Once the detox is completed, it is time to receive other treatments that will help you understand your addictive thoughts and behavior, and learn how to avoid relapsing back into that lifestyle. When you have completed your 30-day stay at rehab, you can continue receiving support and treatment as an outpatient or at an aftercare program. Garden Heights Recovery Center in the New York area is an accredited drug treatment center that helps people  transition from drug addiction to sobriety, and our addiction specialist staff looks forward to learning more about you and your specific needs in order to help.

How much does rehab cost in New York?

The cost of drug rehabilitation is determined by the individual needs of the patient, the type of programs he/she will receive, amenities, and the level of luxury of the rehab center. The patient will be given a psychological and physical evaluation and assessment from which a treatment program will be devised. Once a treatment plan is laid-out, the rehab facility will explain how much it will cost. 

Does insurance Cover Residential Rehab?

One of the most common questions asked if how much rehab costs and does insurance cover this fee? Anyone interested in rehab should consult his/her health insurance provider to determine exactly what treatments his/her policy will cover. If rehab costs exceed his/her coverage, the remaining out-of-pocket cost will have to be paid for by the patient. 

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 20082 stipulates that insurance companies cannot discriminate against or deny coverage to individuals with substance use disorders. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 classifies mental health and addiction services as essential health benefits; meaning that insurance companies must regard mental health and substance abuse treatment the same as regular health treatment. Insurance providers have different coverage plans that can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

What Is the Difference Between Residential and Outpatient?

Drug addiction is a complex disease that involves many factors that have to be addressed for recovery to be successful. There are no cookie-cutter solutions for treating drug addiction. The best approach is to treat the patient holistically by addressing their drug addiction, mental and behavioral problems, and other difficulties. 

The drug rehab treatment program begins with the patient receiving a physical and psychological examination and assessment. That assessment is the basis for determining the best treatment program for the patient, and all aspects should be taken into consideration. 

If the patient suffers with a severe drug addiction, co-occurring mental disorders, or multiple relapses, he should be placed in an residential treatment program that will sufficiently address all his issues. Patients with drug abuse problems, who are stable enough to handle responsibilities at home, work, or school, can do well as out-patients.

Someone in recovery in an outpatient treatment program is required to visit the rehab facility a few times a week for treatment. There they will receive counseling and education sessions that focus on addiction recovery and sobriety. 

Residential treatment programs require that the patient remain at the rehab center for the duration of his treatment program. The patient will be removed from all outside influences and distractions so that he can concentrate solely on his recovery. He will receive 24/7 personalized care in a structured, safe environment that is conducive to healing. Some of the treatment programs that he may receive include:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • Medication assistance
  • Relapse prevention
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy3
  • Individual and group therapy3
  • Family counseling3
  • Aftercare or support group meetings

All of these treatments work in conjunction in order to help the person in recovery achieve sobriety with minimal relapses. 

Sober Friendly Attractions in the New York Area

Your stay at Garden Heights Recovery Center is the beginning of a new, drug-free life. You will be attending daily treatment programs that will help you understand addiction, and how you can prevent it in the future. During your stay, you will also be given free time to enjoy some of the great attractions in the New York City area, such as:

  • Enjoying world-class art at museums like the Whitney, MOMA, and Guggenheim. Plus, you can visit uptown or downtown art galleries that showcase traditional and avant-garde art. 
  • There is great shopping and restaurants in Manhattan that meet all tastes and budgets – perfect for anyone who considers themselves a foodie or loves to find eclectic fashion. 
  • You can attend a concert or see a Broadway/Off-Broadway play.
  • Take a Central Park tour or visit the zoo.
  • Visit high-end boutiques on Madison Avenue.
  • Tour the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Enjoying life from a place of clarity and sobriety is possible when you take the first step to rid yourself of drug addiction. Learn more about detox and rehab programs that might be ideal for your unique situation. Call Garden Heights Recovery at 201-275-1163.